I teach college courses on ideation, copywriting, portfolio development and social impact. I’ve lead workshops on idea generation, creative process, and purpose-driven career planning. And I’ve given talks on creative process, using design for good, and job strategy. I’d love to bring a similar topic to your school or organiztion.

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VR as a Tool for Social Impact
Virtual Reality and other emerging technologies aren’t just for Millennials or video games. The applications can go way beyond that. We can use these technologoies to improve people’s lives, especially those underserved. In this talk, I discuss my own work on BETTVR WITH AGE, creating VR films for senior citizens, and how to use technology to help people.

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Design Thinking and Design Sprints
Design is not just about making things look pretty. It’s also a detailed process to solve problems. In this workshop, I teach the basics of the user-centered design process to generate solutions in new and more efficient ways.

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You Have A Choice: Make Things Matter
Design and branding are powerful tools that can make you rethink something like colored sugar water is a way to bring happiness to the world. This talk brings to light the necessity of responsibility and choice in making work that matters and to use design, branding and creativity for Good.

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Stop Getting Stuck: A Creative Process Workshop
The creative process boils down to one word. Momentum. How do you keep the work moving forward as fast as possible? It helps to know the next step, it helps to know what step you’re on and that there even are steps in the first place. This workshop teaches the steps of the creative process, the best way to stay objective and keep up the momentum.
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We all have life-changing experiences when we travel. Traveling helps us explore and learn about the world and ourselves. So shouldn’t we plan our whole lives like we plan our travel? The philosophy of the Swerve is the result of years of traveling, writing and planning. It’s a way of planning your life to get the same enrichment you get from travel, every day of your life.
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Your Work Doesn’t Matter: And Other Things I’ve Learned
Your portfolio is never finished. It’s always a work in process. So when I look at a student’s portfolio, I’m not really looking at the work. I’m looking at the effort, the craftsmanship and getting to know them as a person. It’s a talk I give to students centered on job strategy for designers.
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Creating Culture: The World of Advertising
Working in advertising is not always easy to explain. So when I’m asked to talk about what I do, I usually just explain that I create culture. I’ve given this talk several times to students interested in getting into advertising to try and explain just what I do.
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Keep Your Foot On the Gas: Career Planning Workshop
The best way to get ahead of everyone is to keep your foot on the gas. It’s a theme I use to talk about career planning and job strategy. It’s easy to think that the most successful people were in the right place at the right time, or made some lucky decisions. But thinking about the planning and forethought that goes into planning a successful career is invisible. This talk sheds light on some ways to plan your career.
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