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Enterprise Community Partners has been described by board member Edward Norton as the most influential nonprofit you’ve never heard of. Their goal is to make housing in the US more affordable and end the rental housing crisis through construction, programmatic support, and changing public policy. For over two years, they worked with us at Matter Unlimited, where I helped create and launch a sub-brand “Make Room” and the subsequent campaign, Concerts for the 1st, which premiered at the UN Media for Social Impact Summit. The idea was to unhide this issue through music, bringing big-name musical artists to the homes of struggling families. The result was a content series of concert footage and short documentaries about each family, all released on the 1st– the day rent is due– as a monthly reminder that the rental housing crisis affects 11 million families.


Title: Creative Director
Responsibilities: Concept. Brand guidelines. On-set art direction. Interviewing subjects. Direct design and content for online and social channels. Oversee editorial process.

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