Inside Impact: East Africa

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The Clinton Global Initiative brings together leaders in the private and public sector to make commitments towards– and discuss– positive social change. For their 10th annual meeting, themed “The Future of Impact,” Matter Unlimited created a VR film featuring President Clinton and several CGI members showcasing the work they’re doing in East Africa. I creative directed the project and took the film on tour to several influential conferences including PopTech, SXSW, and AICP.

Directed by Felix&Paul studios, Inside Impact: East Africa is the first in a series of VR films around impact; the second of which was filmed in India for ChildFund International and third in Uganda for Merck for Mothers.


Title: Creative Director
Responsibilities: Wrote first several drafts of the script. Creative directed the Inside Impact branding including on-screen graphics, website, and brand identity. Oversaw the editorial process.

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