Living in the West Village with my wife

“The Year of Focus” – Prioritizing my career and relationships.
Three word thesis – Mid-flight rudder adjustments.

-Looking for full time work as a designer part of a small team of creatives
focused on a design thinking process building brands and making meaningful disruptive work. Email me if you’re interested.
-Pursuing freelance work to get better at front end development and digital design.
-Teaching creative process and branding courses at Miami Ad School, Parsons and City College of NY.
-Learning about business, monetization and shipping faster at Seth Godin’s altMBA program.

-Exploring NYC and the world with my wife, Lauren.
-Finding new ways to explore deeper relationships with my parents
-Speak Hebrew at least an hour a week
-Host friends at our apartment as a way to build community
-Play piano at a bar at least 1x/month as a way to build community

Current Projects
BETTVR with Age – Directing a series of VR films as part of a content platform for seniors, to improve their quality of life
You’re Better Than Brunch – A community of mindful adventurers spending our weekends meeting new friends in new places.
[Caveday] – A series of events to promote deep work and undistracted periods of productivity.
The Night Hustle – A mastermind group and consultancy to help creative people bring their ideas to life.

Future Projects
Los Angelists – An ongoing project using lists and personal data documentation to visualize my life in different ways.
Love Letter Playlist – A web app that allows you to send a love letter in the form of a series of song titles.
Project Goodness – A collaboration with Margo Chabot to bring her brand to life with merchandise
Listmaps – A guide to every city I’ve been to in the form of a custom made google map.

Updated 12/30/16