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I'm a designer who loves to build brands and communities. I use art, copy, and code to help people engage with the world in new ways. Right now, I'm working establishing a multi-city community called You're Better Than Brunch. I'm directing a series of VR films to benefit aging homebound adults. And I teach branding and ideation courses at Parsons School of Design at The New School and City College of NY. I'm available to freelance or collaborate on a project. Let's talk.


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Inside Impact: East Africa
A VR Experience of Positive Social Change Featuring President Clinton
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How We Became A Legitimate Threat to Apple
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People In My Life
150 Portraits Exploring My Relationships
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Glamour + The Girl Project
Documentary Series On Education Connecting 5 Directors With 5 Amazing Girls
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BettVR With Age
Using Virtual Reality to Enrich The Lives of Seniors
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Make Room
Ending the Rental Housing Crisis in America with Storytelling and Music
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What’s NewsWordy?
A Coding Experiment To See What The Most Used Word in the News Was Every Day
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You’re Better Than Brunch
Weekend Adventures with Friends Old and New
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3800 Days In LA
An Interactive Driving Tour of LA Through My Personal Stories and Favorite Places
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My Brother’s Keeper
Helping President Obama's Initiative To Support Young Men and Boys of Color
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The Night Hustle
A Consultancy I Founded To Help Build Brands and Culturally Relevant Projects
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2015 Retrospective
A Web Experience Contrasting Stories of Positive Impact With Moments of Terror and Disaster

Client Experience


The Crisis of Purpose- Why it feels like everyone else has their shit together but you
Let's Wait Until the Next One - The aftermath of the Orlando shooting.
Looking for Change in 2016 - Lists and creating impact through documentation

The Cost of Superbowl Advertising
Pack Your Own Parachute - Career planning before you're ready

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I'm a graduate level professor and public speaker, teaching courses in LA and NYC and giving talks around the world.


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